Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Gives You Items Restricted On Air Travel By TSA

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members offer you Airline Carry On Restrictions so that you can enjoy a happy journey without any complications. With the new rules and restrictions issued by airlines buying a ticket is much easier as compared to deciding what to carry and what not to. At times we sure are surprised by the restrictions based on some very common normal everyday items like toothpaste and sprays. But it is wrong to blame the airlines for it as these rules and restrictions are issued by the Travel Security Administration.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members say that at times the items that seem to be quite harmless when you are on the ground may turn out harmful when the airplane is in the air. This is because of the the variations in the pressure and temperature. There are also some Airlines that go easy with the restrictions while others are very strict and follow the rules. To know the exact restriction policies of the airline company that you plan to travel in it is best that you check with you travel agent. Plus the rules and restrictions may also vary depending on the airport that you are flying too.

Carrying sharp objects like knives and blades is restricted especially in the Carry-On Baggage. Travelers may carry these items in their checked baggage provided that they are properly sheathed to prevent damage and injury to the people handling the baggage. Plus it is also very important that you should notify the airline agents that you are carrying a sharp tool. According to the TSA restriction, travelers can only carry accessories whose pointed tips and blades are shorter than four inches.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members advice  the travels not to carry their sporting goods with them on the plane as they can carry their Cricket bats, Hockey sticks and other search gear in checked baggage’s but not with them on the plane. However it is always best if you check in with the airline agent to confirm the size of the bags that you are allowed to carry as this will help to prevent a scene during check in.